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Joint Initiatives for Smart and Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management


The Project

The project INTERNET OF BINS (“Joint Initiatives for Smart and Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management”) is co-funded under the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” with a total eligible budget of € 653.366,98 out of which 85% is Union Support and 15% the National Counterpart of the participating countries (Greece-Albania).

The eligible CB area is characterized by low quality and density of environmental infrastructure (mainly in the Albanian area), while, at the same time, the partnership, identified that waste monitoring and management are becoming an acute problem for their urbanization and economic development. Although public services have been around for a long time, they have seen only limited innovation with operational efficiency. Moreover, to a greater or smaller degree, waste management approaches at local scale (like municipalities’ solid waste management) affect both the urban profile and the “worth living” for both citizens and tourists. Considering the imperative need for introducing new and more effective approaches for municipal solid waste management (MSWM), little has been done to jointly address the risks, that participating countries face and the opportunities that arise. For instance, MSWM initiatives have been addressed in a rather superficial and conventional approach. Moreover, related infrastructure has not been sufficiently developed, the SWM practices have not been improved and both citizens and tourism activities are suffering.

INTERNET OF BINS is being implemented, under the Programme’s thematic priority 1 (c) “Promoting Sustainable transport, information and communication networks and services and investing in cross-border water, waste and energy systems and facilities” (Specific Objective: 1.1- Increase the capacity of cross-border infrastructure in transport, water and waste management). Therefore, the project’s overall objective is in full accordance with the programme’s specific objective of the thematic priority in which belongs: To increase the capacity of CB infrastructure in waste management and monitoring by adopting innovative approaches/models for sustainable solid waste management at local level.  

Taking into account the common needs and the common strategic objectives, a very promising combined model is being adopted by the INTERNET OF BINS, which comprising of three “Pillars”:

  • Integrated “Smart” Waste Management solution/Capacity Improvement: Installation of Smart Waste Management and Monitoring Telematic Equipment (Bins’ Monitoring System-Ultrasonic Filling Sensors and Software Application, Waste Management Supplies).
  • Visual disturbance reduction: Installation of Underground Waste Collection Systems at critical points and
  • Eco-friendly approaches for waste management: Supply and Distribution of Compost Bins (Household waste purposes), Awareness campaigns, Waste Management Optimization and Monitoring Plans (Data Analysis and Management Plan), Thematic informational mobile and web applications.

All actions of the project have a strong cross-border character. Under the INTERNET OF BINS, the main elements of cross-border cooperation means cooperation of local authorities.

Latest news

Kick off Meeting of the INTERNET OF BINS Project!

Kick off Meeting of the INTERNET OF BINS Project!

The kick-off meeting of the Partnership of the “INTERNET OF BINS” Project was successfully organized at the head office of Municipality of Ziros (Filippiada, Preveza, Greece) at 18/9/2019 with the...



On the 18th of May, in the premises of Grand Hotel Saranda, was organized the InfoDay regarding the Internet of Bins Project, co-financed by IPA CBC Greece – Albania, 2014 – 2020. Internet of Bins’...

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This webpage has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of the webpage are sole responsibility of the Municipality of Ziros and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the participating countries the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat.


This project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of the participating countries under the Cooperation Programme  "INTERREG-IPA CBC GREECE-ALBANIA 2014-2020"

Lead Beneficiary

Municipality of Ziros
Gennimata Square, 48200, Filippiada
Phone: +302683024667
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