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Joint Initiatives for Smart and Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management


Dita e Informimit për INTERNET OF BINS

Dita e Informimit për INTERNET OF BINS

Më 18 Maj, pranë Grand Hotel Saranda, u organizua Dita e Informimit për Projektin INTERNET OF BINS, i bashkëfinancuar nga Programi Ndërkufitar IPA Greqi – Shqipëri,...
Municipality of Ziros
Municipality of Metsovo
Municipality of Saranda
Regional Center for Development and Cooperation

This webpage has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of the webpage are sole responsibility of the Municipality of Ziros and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the participating countries the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat.


This project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of the participating countries under the Cooperation Programme  "INTERREG-IPA CBC GREECE-ALBANIA 2014-2020"

Lead Beneficiary

Municipality of Ziros
Gennimata Square, 48200, Filippiada
Phone: +302683024667
Email: info@dimoszirou.gr

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